I'm deeply specialised in digital platforms and marketplaces. I understand how these businesses add value, generate revenue and scale their operations.

I worked with companies from $100k to $500m in ARR, typically with B2C, SMB and mid-market customers.

My expertise

  • I helped 3x revenue at Toptal in 3 years as a Director of Growth Marketing without external investment.
  • I have increased GSV by 500% in 24 months for Property Partner (acquired by Better).
  • I was part of startups that were funded by some of the leading VCs like Index Ventures, A16z and Octopus Capital.  
  • I have worked for leading consulting and investment companies like EY and British Land.
  • I know how to deconstruct and explain complex subjects, as one of the top-ranked lecturers at Harbour.Space university for a 3rd year now.

What can I do for you

  • I partner with entrepreneurs and marketing leaders as an advisor and mentor.
  • I guide you in laying the correct foundation for growth, avoid expensive mistakes, and help assemble world-class teams.
  • I provide advice on the most effective and efficient ways to grow your revenue.
  • I advise you on how to build a sustainable, scalable growth machine.
  • I help you balance supply and demand growth.

See how I think:

Service Packages


Price: €4,000/month (or $5,000/month)

You don’t need to hire a Chief Marketing Officer; you only need access to one.

The CMO tier gives you complete oversight and direction of your marketing without needing to hire a full-time marketing executive. Rigorous, data-driven, and high-touch; this service is ideal for making big changes to your marketing program.

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Marketplace Advisory Program

Price: $3,000/month

During this program I will work with you to build the right foundations for your marketplace business.

We will meet on a recurring basis (normally, twice a month) to deep dive into your specific challenges. You will also get private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via slack and email.

Together we will build a sustainable growth machine for your organization. I will share my high-impact playbooks, frameworks and other learnings from years of building and scaling marketplace businesses.

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Custom Strategy Pack

From $100,000 to $10,000 based on revenue

You need a done-it-for-you option and you need it fast.

You may have just raised funding and need to act quickly or you simply see value in increasing your growth rate today, rather than in the 12 months.

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Strategy Call

Price: $500 each

A strategy call is perfect for those people who are weighing their options around marketing and looking for short strategic advice on how to best reach their goals.

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Custom Project

Price: Custom

If ongoing assistance is not what you need custom projects may be arranged. Custom engagements are ideal for tackling challenging projects that you simply don’t have the time, interest, or available expertise to complete yourself.

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* Rates are based on remote projects only. Travel costs are extra.