When you work with an advisor, you want someone who is trustworthy, competent, and aligned with your interests.

I separate my advice from implementation. I believe this is the best way to advise on strategy and not be biased with your own strengths.

Good Marketing Requires Business Competence

I understand business fundamentals — this should go without saying, but I’m often surprised at the lack of business knowledge some marketing consultants have. I have a degree with honours in Economics from the University of Exeter (top 10 in the UK).

I have started my career as a management and strategy consultant at EY. Later, working in analytics, finance and operations roles before turning to growth marketing.

Every marketing campaign and strategy I do is tied to the bigger picture and the bottom line. It is about revenue, not buzz.

Just ask my students, I teach master degrees modules in Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Digital Strategy and SEO Strategy at Harbour.Space University.

I have been doing this a long time — I have seen from the inside how to grow a business. I worked with companies that have raised money from Seedcamp, Index Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and others.

You can see my LinkedIn for more details.

I Care About Your Business Like It's My Business

I treat my clients like family — I look at and discuss risk and reward openly. I tell them when I don’t know. Most of all, I bring genuine care to the table.

I was born in Lithuania but spent the last 15 years living between the UK and US before returning back to Lithuania. These days you can find me either in Vilnius, Lithuania or Barcelona, Spain.

I have visited over 50 countries, played competitive soccer and, most recently, ventured into Ironman racing. Needless to say, I’m results driven and will bring this goal-oriented approach to your business.